Neo crypto

Discover a new type of portfolio, so smart that it gives you a real-time overview of your assets so that you make the right decisions at the right time.

Unlock the full potential of the crypto market

Kointo provides access to simple and secure tools in a sleek and intuitive interface.

Secure and guaranteed

Store and secure your cryptocurrencies in your Kointo wallet. We guarantee against fraud.

Instant and easy transfer

Send or receive cryptocurrencies easily for free with Kointo.


Siimply access our Kointo trading exchange and trade your cryptocurrencies easily.

Buy cryptocurrencies

Buy cryptocurrencies easily and safely at the best rate.

Smart realtime statistics

Kointo IA-powered smart portfolio analysis helps you take the best decisions and grow your wealth.

Strong stablecoin

Store our stablecoin (ECCUs) and mine to earn monthly interests.

Create your portfolio in seconds

Simply add funds to your wallet and you can start trading and optimizing your portfolio safely.

Access your assets from anywhere

All of today's technology in the service of your own neo crypto bank. Kointo is completely free and accessible to anybody regardless of your skill level.

Clean interface

Our design team worked tirelessly to create the most ergonomic and easy to use app that will allow anybody to start managing their crypto-portfolio in seconds.

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